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Invest your business dollars with the best conference organizations to meet sales, relationship building, brand awareness, retention and growth needs.  Many organizations have launched virtual or hybrid conferences and meetings to ensure businesses can continue to build relationships when face to face opportunities are unavailable. Staying connected is still important. Are you new to the marketplace? Are you adding a new product line? Do you want to interact with as many administrators as possible? Wherever you are in your business journey, selecting conferences and learning how to effectively navigate each conference for product demonstration or relationship-building can be overwhelming. Therefore, BizEducation Consulting Inc., will offer insight into each conference and guide you to the best opportunities that will meet your sales and budget needs.  

Once conferences are selected, BizEducation Consulting, Inc. will be your adviser to:

  • Conduct pre-, during and post- strategy meetings
  • Provide information around target attendees
  • Give feedback for presentations and connections
  • Be an additional connector and relationship builder

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